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Dove Dry Shampoo Review

Before anything else,I’d like to share my hair story. It was 2012 when i decided to rebond my hair and that was the first chemical treatment i had. Months later i colored it light brown. But to my dismay,the back portion of my hair became frizzy and it’s a sign of damage hair,since i’m constantly swimming in the beach that time. I became desperate to think what should i do to bring back my sleek and gorgeous hair. And when my aunt perm her hair, i was jealous of how it looks good on her and thinking to perm my hair too. Anyway, my hair is natural straight and a bit shine before i rebonded it. Then i perm it! The color became darker and the curl was so small. Just imagine kinky hair, that’s the result of my hair and i didn’t liked it. Omg!! I can’t imagine walking downtown or going to mall with my hair  going everywhere. Oh nooooo!!!:(
But i had no choice but to deal with it. Since that was my decision and i’m telling you, it’s not a good idea. So i had to wait months and years before i decided to cut the perm one and start anew with my natural black hair.

Just last September 2015, as i was researching on treatments for hair i read an interesting article and i followed it. Since then my hair became fuller, straighter and faster it grows. That’s skipping a shower! Crazy  right?haha..October, when i started to skip the shower for 2-3 days and my hair is smelly,oily,dirty and itchy. I know right..So gross! But don’t get me wrong, of course i’m washing my body the usual same as other parts. As first timer to experienced it, i’m thinking not to continue this crazy idea. With the kind of weather in the Philippines, i can’t really make it. I tried putting baby powder on my scalp just to make it less oily and but it didn’t work. Then the idea of Dry Shampoo came. I search the brands of dry shampoo available here in the Philippines and went to malls and drugstore but i only saw one brand. The Dove Dry Shampoo 🙂


I was jubilant when i saw it. I’ve been using Dove brand from soap,shampoo, conditioner and now this dry shampoo(dove girl here 🙂 ). Since then, i’m only using the dry shampoo whenever my scalp became oily or at the second day without washing. Just spray the nozzle where your most oilier part,massage and comb to evenly distribute the dry shampoo. Be careful on spraying, don’t put too much and your hair will be like grandma. Dry shampoo also gives your hair the volume and bounce. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that’s my experience for using it in 2 months now. It’s been almost 4 months now since i’m skipping washing my hair and my hair grows faster than the usual. It grows 2 inches a month and that surprised me a lot. Why it grows faster? Because every time we wash our hair, we also wash its natural oils and didn’t give time to replenish it by using shampoo everyday. Shampooing everyday is not good in our scalp. It only make our hair dry, lifeless, and limp. We all know shampoos in the market is full of chemicals unless organic shampoo, but still we’re using it cause we all need it. I’m not saying shampoo is not good, i’m just emphasizing here the difference of using shampoo more and using it less. Save your crowning glory girls. Our hair is part of our beauty routine. We’re spending money,time and effort just to look it beautiful and appreciative to others. What’s your hair care routine? Let me know in the comment section below. Have a good day! 🙂