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Camiguin: the island born of fire

Camiguin is an island in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the Northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly part of Misamis Oriental province. It is the second smallest province in the country both in population and land area after Batanes. The provincial capital is Mambajao, which is also the province’s largest municipality both in area and population. (source: wikipedia)

Heading North from South via Cagayan De Oro was my first ever experienced of a long road trip. We depart around 1am and reached Misamis Oriental around 6am. And because that was holiday, we waited half of the day to get to the front of the queue. We didn’t feel the pain sitting 5 hours straight in the van but the agony of waiting for 4 hours before we reach the port in Balingoan. That was a traumatic experienced for all of us. And thought that it’s not a good idea going their during holidays. But still the eagerness to see the wonders of that island didn’t change except our tired body and empty stomach. First stop..Bura Soda Water Park, it is located in Catarman and one of the popular places to get a relaxing dip on the island.  We first fill our hungry cells and feel the cold water in the pool. The Resort is not that big and crowded though it’s budget friendly. The pool is clean and it feels like bathing in the tub full of ice..freezinggg!! Before the night gets dimmer we decided to hop in the house where we stay. Some of the roads are not well lighted, just be careful in the street. 


Day two! A day full of excitement and enjoyment is the only thing in my mind. We visited the most talked about island in Camiguin, the White Island. It is about 5 kilometers west of the town of Mambajao. It is a self-explanatory island on why does it called to be one. White Island became popular even though you can’t see anything, just the sea. Except the fact that it’s starting to vanish around 3pm. And by day, the island slowly gets higher and you can see the sand from afar. Amazing is it?? That’s why you have to make an agreement to the boat who delivers you to the island and set a time for pick-up.I loved how deep blue sea the water is. And the sand is so white and tiny as pulverize salt . My eyes doesn’t get tired seeing it’s beauty of nature. Fronting White Island is the Mt. Hibok-HIbok and Mt. Vulcan, as you can see in the picture below.


Next destination, Sunken Cemetery. It is one of the all known famous tourist spot in the island because of it’s historic story. We didn’t had the chance to go the Sunken Cemetery because it’s low tide and the boat might hit the cemeteries under. It’s quite exciting seeing cemeteries under the sea and what does it looks like. Surrounds Sunken Cemetery are some shops full of collector’s item.  Shirts and key chains are so cheap that’s why i bought few of them 🙂 



And for last stop, chillin’ in  Ardent Hot Spring. After the long road trip and hopping from place to place we had to relax our body. And no way we can’t submerge ourselves in this  hot spring. The area is quite huge, clean and the fresh air is so relaxing. Surrounded with green trees and flowers. We let the hot water released our exhausted body and  enjoy the moment. Some says, that the warmness of the water is because of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. 


Camiguin Island celebrated Lanzones festival every October, cause it’s one of their major agricultural products. The famous Pastel is their delicacy that every tourist must give it a try. They also have old churches but unfortunately we didn’t have much time to visit it. 

No amount of money can be bought seeing in your naked eyes how God perfectly created this world. The amazing scenes and it’s story will be treasured a lifetime. Miles and distance are always be a challenging obstacle to everybody, but the result will always be worth the time and effort. Going to places, getting out of comfort zone and meeting new people are just a way of developing our maturity on how we look at things around us. Travelling is love. Travelling is my soul. 🙂




"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" - Jimmy Dean

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