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Clay mask: Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Pampering my skin is always one of my go to stress-free activity, I rather call it “me time”. Seeing the results will definitely pay off all the efforts and hard work and making me want more. Addiction is my perfect feeling for it. One of my weekly skincare is Clay Mask. I definitely want to give it a try to see how it works. And one of the most popular is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. 


Clay mask removes impurities and dirt from the pores. A deep cleansing mask that cleans your skin from the dirt, make-ups, pollution,oil, etc. One thing i love about Aztec is that it suited to my oily skin. Before, I experienced zits all over my face and at times big pimples. And nobody wants that!  Worst case is the acne marks that make me uncomfortable and conscious. I hate seeing my face with that dark mark.

It’s 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, safe to use and no side effects in the skin. All you need is to mix the clay and apple cider vinegar in a plastic container in equal parts. Feel your face “Pulsate” as it cleanses your skin and wash with warm water after 15 minutes. It’s important not to stay the mask beyond 15 mins., as it removes all the natural oils in your face and it’s not healthy looking skin. 



For a year of using Aztec my skin improves a lot. It tightened my pores, lightens my dark spots, removes black and white heads, preventing pimples,fairer skin and brightens my skin. That’s how good this clay mask is.! I’m recommending this to all my friends cause I know how effective and budget friendly this mask is. I didn’t see any mask in the market that works wonder like this one. Love your skin guys 🙂




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