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Dahican, Mati City

When Summerfrolic was first held at Dahican, Mati City that was the time Dahican became number one tourist spot in Mati. Not just that, Dahican is known to be the surfing capital of the region. And everyone gets crazy in visiting Dahican even the farthest cities. And I, myself also gets excited to see the beauty of nature. I started to search for a resort where we can spend overnight. And I found the Cinco Masao Beach Resort. I guess it’s the farthest resort in Dahican.

Cinco Masao Beach Resort

Going Mati from Davao City,we took a transport van in Gaisano Mall for only 200/head. About 3-4 hours of ride before we reach Mati terminal. From the terminal,we hired a motorcycle that costs us 250.00 pesos,that’s awful. Cause our friend told us that the motorcycle will only cost 50.00/head. But we had no choice since he’s the only driver in the terminal. When we reached Cinco Masao, I was shocked because the place was so quite and only a couple stayed there. But i neglected my intuition and just enjoy our stay. By the way, this is our first out of town celebration with my beau. We arrived the resort around 4pm and just watched the sunset together. I was a bit disappointed because the resort is surrounded by big stones and doesn’t have seashore. And as I observed, it is not well maintained and there is some area that needs to be developed. The driver told us before he left, that the resort is used to be well-known in Dahican before the owner died. I can’t sleep all night and i was just observing the surroundings. In the morning, we just swim for minutes and hurriedly ate our breakfast cause i decided that we will transfer to Amihan sa Dahican.



Welcome to Dahican

And this is the kind of beauty that I’m looking for!! Glad that I decided to transfer, cause this trip will be worthless without seeing the bluish ocean and colorful creatures. Amihan didn’t have cottages to stay, instead they offer tents for backpackers and tables to those who stays just for a day. They also offer skim boards  for rental. This resort is so cheap that’s why beach goers loved them and to add some bonus, they didn’t have an  entrance fee! The place is one of a kind. This place takes away all your stress and it makes you wonder ‘how beautiful the creation of our Almighty’. I can’t resist to swim even if the weather is crazy hot. I’d love to come back here over and over again. Happy travelling guys 🙂



"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" - Jimmy Dean

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