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Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort

Summer is the perfect time to unwind and get away from the city. The beach,the place,the food and don’t we forget..that tiny swimwear :). As a city girl, i opt to find a place something new and cool that fits my taste and budget. Cause 10 months is too long to wait for summer season again. Take a break and feel the sunshine. 

As we’re looking for a perfect getaway place and asked other suggestions, we come up to Glan,Saranggani Province. And it’s like..”huh!! that’s so far”. Searching, searching, searching till we found the spot!(yepey). And that’s Isla Jardin Del Mar.

 Welcome to Isla Jardin Del Mar

From Davao City, me, my bf and his friends hired a private van to safely ride us to the resort. Hiring a private van is a bit expensive but it’s so convenient since we’re having a 3 days and 2 nights  escapade. Expect all the necessary things including the food, even pots and frying pan and butane to cook cause we’re on budget. We arrive in the resort(refer to the picture above)a boat painted with the name of the resort will welcome you. Such a relief cause our butts felt like we’re sitting on a fire :-D, so hot!

We rented a close cottage good for 2 nights for PHP 1,300/night. No entrance fee and corkage, that’s great to hear! There staff is so accommodating and friendly, whatever our request will immediately serve. They have an open cottage good for a day tour,a close cottage with fan and a close cottage with air conditioner. Both close cottages has it’s own cabinet and comfort room with lavatory and shower. The queen size bed has an under bed that can accommodate up to eight persons. A staff will change the bed sheet, pillow cases and even the rag next morning. Rest assured the bed is clean. Sanitation is important wherever we go.

This is our cottage (just ignore them guys :))

Overall, the resort is worth the long drive. The beach, the sunset, the sunrise, the place and especially the happy bonding moments. Travelling is loved. Travelling is passion. And travelling is my soul. Happy travelling guys 🙂



"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" - Jimmy Dean

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