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When in Cebu: Simala Church, Sirao Flower Farm, Temple of Leah & Taoist Temple

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

I was so excited knowing that I’ll be going to the Queen City of the South –  CEBU!! Just last August(2016)  I went to Cebu for work purposes. That was the first time I step foot in the Visayas area. I was anxious and excited to meet new faces, new places and new adventures. I stayed there for two weeks and everything is Free :). Well of course, except for my escapades, trips and the pasalubongs for my family.

During weekends we got the chance to roam and start our Walkathon adventure. Accompanied by my new found friend, Jane. We’re both tourist and doesn’t have any idea what the city looks like. I was researching all the time and screen shot every place that I planned to visit. The struggle is real when you’re not familiar of the place: no idea of what jeepney you’re am going to ride, no idea of what street your into. We were lost most of the time (ha-ha) and we don’t matter anymore since we’re seeking adventure. We’re walking almost three hours and went to different places that we passed by, eat street foods, got thirsty, stopped at different churches and monuments. That was awesome!!

We’ve been to Sto. Niño Basilica Church, but didn’t have the chance to attend mass since we don’t have an ample time so we just lighted a candle and pray. Visited the museum in Sto. Niño Church, but sadly picture taking is not allowed inside since it displays mostly antiques, golds, old paper coins, old paper money from different countries, dresses of Sto. Niño with embedded gold in it, the gifts of the people to Sto. Niño: jewelries, diamonds, branded watches, toys, books, pictures, etc. My eyes we’re an awe seeing them. They also display different Saints, old churches in Cebu, Old houses that give history in the city and many more. By the way, the museum has an entrance fee of  50.00. Right across the church is the widely known Magellan’s Cross. I’ve seen tourists all over, mostly Koreans and some of them has a tourist guide. 

The city is loaded with tourist spots, old churches, good people and not to mention the lower fare of jeepneys, which is PHP 7.00 only. But sadly, traffic is all over, especially during rush hour, the supposedly 20 minute ride will take you to 1 hour sitting in the jeep. That’s terrible! And I experienced it just once, when we went to Ayala Mall from Banawa, where I stayed. 

We continued walking to Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral it’s just steps away from Sto. NIño Basilica Church. The beauty of the ceiling is amazing. It goes to show that the churches here are well taken care. That’s why the churches are becoming tourist spot. Surrounded with color gold, the lights and different Saints. During our visit, there is a wedding event that made me jealous thinking when will I be married? Since the wedding hasn’t finished yet, we decided to went Fort San Pedro and rest for a while. The weather is gloomy, perfect to relax our feet for the long walk and enjoy the fresh air. We didn’t go inside the Fort since we wanted to take a long rest before we head home. That day was a fun filled experience, full of laughter and food trips. On the next day, we went to Simala! 🙂 I contact my cousin staying in Minglanilla to accompany us since it’s far from the city. Riding a jeepney to South Terminal Bus, we dropped at the old building of SSS (Social Security System) where you can see an overpass. Take a walk going to the Bus Terminal. In terminal dispatchers are everywhere. Don’t ride the taxi cause it will cost you bigger fare. Instead, ride the bus with signage Simala. The bus will take you up and it’s just a few steps away from Simala Church. 


We traveled 2 hours and that was all worth it! All I can say is WOW! when I first look at the infrastructure. It was indeed an eyeful picturesque. I can’t take my eyes off thinking how enthralling it is. Despite of its ongoing construction, tourists like me still want to see it physically. We arrive at 12 noon and the picture above is damn hot but still manage to smile 🙂 cause you can’t get to see this every day. Since it’s Sunday, numerous church goers and tourist are there. I didn’t have the chance to enter the church because it’s too crowded. The heat, the sweat makes us weak. We roam a little bit in the area and rest for a while. Since it’s a 2 hour ride, we only stayed there for 2 hours and back to the city. As much as we wanted to explore other area in the South but we’re tired not because it’s really far, but because of the heat from the sun. It dries  and weaken our body to easily. Sadly, Jane had to return home for some emergency purposes.  

For my last weekend of stay, I wanted to go to the Temple of Leah and Taoist Temple, but the motorcycle driver offered us a tour as well to Sirao Flower Farm that costs me and my cousin 250/head. Well, it’s a nice idea and we save at least a little compared to our original plan. From the city we headed to Lahug and dropped off at motorcycle terminal fronting JY Square Mall. From their that’s where we met Kuya driver. We traveled an hour going to Sirao. During our visit, the flowers are well matured and ready to harvest sooner. It’s noticeable that the area is still in it’s development and beautification process. There are areas that don’t have flowers and they’re still cultivating it.   Though such a lovely place to see, the cold weather feels like you’re on the top of the mountain. Next top, Temple of Leah 🙂

Temple of Leah is built for the undying love of a husband to his wife. Owned  by the Adarna’s, the grandparents of Ellen Adarna. Such a huge place and the structure itself, you can see the glimpse of their lives. The gold statue in the center is the representation of  Mrs. Adarna. It has a story below the statue,including their family tree. The temple is mixed of gold, black and white. The construction is still ongoing cause it’s too obvious that it’s incomplete yet. I was wondering what does it look like when its finish? I definitely go back here. And oh! by the way, the entrance fee is PHP 50.00. We didn’t stay too long since we can’t roam anywhere  cause most of the doors are closed. For our last destination: Taoist Temple at Lahug.

If you’re planning to visit the Taoist Temple from the city, you can ride a jeepney going to Lahug and drop off at JY Square Mall. From there you can ride a taxi or hire a motorcycle that cost PHP 20.00/head. The driver will drop you at the gate of Beverly Hills Subdivision. You can ask the guard where exactly the Taoist Temple and they will direct you. After 15 minutes of walking you will see the top of the temple already 🙂 

Luckily, the weather during that trip is just so perfect, not too hot neither rainy. We reached the Temple with tiring face already. Imagined our route, Lahug-Sirao-Busay-Lahug. That was exhausting! but for the love of exploring, no one is tired as long as your soul filled with adventure.

“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” — Lawrence Block 

The Temple is so harmonious, you’re not allowed to make a noise since somebody is praying inside. The place is so relaxing, calming, peaceful, and the likes. It’s a perfect getaway if you want to escape the pollution, traffic and just wanted to unwind. Though it’s not the typical place like coffee shops wherein you can dine and chit chatting with your friends; here it’s a different set up. They also have a store that displays different kinds of lucky charms, of course Chinese tradition. I bought a three coin- for money, to be put in the wallet and a cell phone accessory with horse design- for success (cross-fingers). Hopefully it works for me. 

Cebu City has so many beautiful places to offer. I haven’t gone half even one third of it and hopefully I got the chance to see all those tourist spots. Tourists are escalating in the VIsayas area since some of the secret paradise has been discovered by many. 

Keep exploring guys! the world has so many wonderful things to offer. Travelling has nothing to do with how small or how big your income is. It’s a passion that comes from the heart and your action will definitely speak for it. Don’t miss the chance of seeing enchanting spots in every place.

This has been adz, your adz-venture buddy 🙂


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My 5 Basic Skincare Regimen

Loving your skin is the utmost gift any girl can give to herself. Others just ignore it for some reasons. They say it’s just an expenditure, either lazy to find a perfect cream or lazy in applying. But of course, there are also girls who love to take care of their skin and patient enough in applying day and night. And I’m one of them 🙂 (kaway-kaway) . Today I’ll share my 5 basic  skincare regimen.  

 ” I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of    make-up”  -Demi Moore

  • Double Cleansing – Why double cleansing? What is double cleansing?  Others is not familiar what is this all about. Before I understand what is double cleansing, I used to wash my face once in the morning and once in the evening, regardless of how oily it is or how thick my make-up on. I’m not a fan of cleansing wipes or cleansing oil to remove make-up. Why? Because wipes has an alcohol content that make your face dry. Though organic wipes are available in the market but admit it, it’s not budget friendly as well as cleansing oils. For alternatives, we have olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, etc. These oils does not clog pores not to mention that it’s natural alternative. But my face doesn’t love how it works on my skin. The reason why I researched more about “double cleansing”. It is a way of cleaning your face twice. Whether I’m wearing light or heavy make-up, I double cleanse my face. First cleansing is removing all the dirt’s,oil,make-up and second cleansing is where the deep cleaning happens. As i observed my skin, is more clearer now. It’s been months since I’m doing this method. No more zits and the pimple dries faster.
source: Google
  • Exfoliating – Basically exfoliating is to remove dead skin, once a week. But I do it twice a week. For me, waiting 6 days to exfoliate again is long enough since I’m commuting almost everyday, wearing make-up, the pollution, oil and dirt. Ugh!! I can’t stand those dead skins live in my skin. It’s good to know having clearer and brighter skin because that’s what exfoliating does. 
source: Google


  • Toning – Is toner important? YES!! Others neglect the importance of toner. And worse, they don”t understand what toner does to our skin. Toner removes the dirt that remains in the skin, balances the PH level and shrink the pores. Toning comes in many ways, it can be applied in a soft cotton ball, sprays directly on the face and lastly as a mask. I opt for a light and natural toner as always. I even tried the DIY toners to save and it works wonder as well.
source: Google
  • Moisturizing – If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I have an oily skin. Looking for a moisturizer that suits well on my skin is a crucial part. I’ve been through a lot of products and change it from time to time. Moisturizer brings back the suppleness of your skin and moisturizes obviously the skin. I’ll let my toner sit for about 2-3 minutes before I put my moisturizer and let it dry itself. Don’t look for an expensive one immediately. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it works well. Know your skin type first before you look for a perfect moisturizer, know your age and know your skin’s needs. Here’s a  link of my favorite moisturizer.


  • Sunscreen – Don’t let going out without your sunscreen protection. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. The numbers don’t refer to how long you can spend outside without getting a sunburn, they refer to the amount of protection the product offers. Even if you’re using the highest amount of SPF don’t be complacent cause the longer you stay under the sun the spf tends to lower it’s effectivity. Sunscreen protects your cells from early skin aging and wrinkles. If you can, Stay away from the Sun!


Remember a well-taken care skin is a happy skin. Extend your youthfulness by treating yourself while your young. Don’t wait for more skin problems. A good skincare now will be harvested few years from now. Reap what you sow.

What’s your skincare regimen? Comment down below and share your ideas with me. Love your skin everyone 🙂